The essence of our business is seamless customer service. Our business is to help people after the inconvenience and sometimes trauma caused by being involved in a car accident. We aim to MAKE IT EASY for our customers.
We focus on:
– fast assessment so we can deliver you as efficiently as we can
– fast delivery and pick-up of your replacement vehicle
– removing the stress of having to deal with insurance companies


We guarantee that we will get you into a car that is similar to your car that was damaged in the accident. We have a wide variety of vehicles available that are up-to-date and well maintained—Mercedes (AMG), BMW, Audi, Porsche, Range Rover, Lexus, Bentley and Maserati.


If you are involved in a car crash that is not your fault a similar (like-for-like) replacement vehicle MUST be provided while your car is being repaired or assessed for damage. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is obliged to pay for it.
It can be a confusing time and the insurance companies sometimes don’t make it easy BUT WE GUARANTEE that you won’t pay anything for your replacement vehicle. If there is no fault there is no cost!

What our clients say?

I can thoroughly recommend you [Tribeca] to anyone who needs a replacement car. You got me in the car and on the road again within hours of the accident. It was fantastic!
Tribeca were really helpful. The insurance company were trying to give me a Toyota instead of the BMW that I got from Tribeca. Tribeca made sure I got a “like-for-like vehicle” and I didn’t pay for it. I can recommend them!
Service was great. Car was great. Thank you for your help making sure I got a quality car!
Someone ran up the back of our Mercedes, which I drive to look professional in my role. I needed a decent car for my job. I was worried that we were going to have to pay for the vehicle after the insurance company called us. Tribeca were really helpful in dealing with them and making the whole situation so much easier. I can recommend them to anyone who needs a decent replacement vehicle in a hurry.
I was in an accident that wasn’t my fault, I was really upset and stressed out. I really want to thank you [Tribeca] for getting me back on the road so quickly in a great car. Thank you, so much.